Muad Rocks China!

September 3, 2009

China is famous for its great walls, and the Changzhi International Climbing Festival was no exception.  Last weekend, CMRCA senior instructor Muad made Thailand proud at this elite event in the Taihang Gorge.  The challenge for competitors was simple, yet serious: Climb continuously up a 7a+, 60 meter cliff wall, as fast as you can.  Despite falling 2 meters below the top, Muad posted an impressive time of 7 minutes, 35 seconds.  He finished in 15th place out of 26 expert climbers.  We celebrate his success and his return to Thailand by listening to his sage advice: “Don’t look down.  And don’t fall unless you want a big swing!”

Check out Muad’s staff page for more information on CMRCA’s newest international climbing sensation.