Not Just Our Best Friend, A Member of Our Family

img_4497At CMRCA, we value family and community.  Whether a community member returns home or a staff member moves on to begin the next chapter of their life, it is always difficult to see those who we love go.  Nothing could have prepared us for yesterday however.  At approximately 16.00, Black was hit by a speeding truck in front of the office.  Kwang and Taw quickly swept her into the car and raced toward the hospital only to have her die in their arms on the way.  She suffered severe internal trauma.

Diamond chased close behind black and was also hit.  She is currently in the hospital with a possible punctured lung and broken ribs.  We are hopeful that she will be ok and will keep you posted about her progress.

20091101_black_memories_44Black was a part of our family. Whether at the crag, at the wall, or in the office, we could always count on her love, affection and beauty to help make each day a little brighter.  CMRCA has grown with Black.  Each year, when we celebrate the birthday of CMRCA we also celebrate the birthday of Black and Diamond as they are the same age.  This year, she will be 8 and she will be missed dearly.

Black will be buried today at Crazy Horse Buttress at 16.00.  We invite all of those who have been touched by Black throughout the years to join us.

The photos here provide a glimpse of what life was like with Black.  If you would like to see more photos, please follow this link to more photos of Black and Diamond.



We love you Black!

Climb On!