Off The Rock: What Guides Do In Their Spare Time

June 08, 2011

tawnoi_band1“So what do you do when you aren’t climbing, guiding, eating or sleeping?” we asked Danai Chaisarn (Taw Noi). There aren’t many hours left in the day, but that doesn’t stop Taw Noi.

He plays drums in a rock band, performing every night at 11pm at Inter Bar near Thapae Gate. He’s been playing nightly gigs around town for the past six years.

The dark bar is a completely different environment from CMRCA, but Taw Noi is in his element at both places. When asked how climbing and playing the drums are similar, Taw Noi laughs, “they aren’t similar at all.”

But you have to practice both a lot to get better, right?. “Yes,” he responds, “that’s the same.”

For updates on Taw Noi’s latest gig and for more on what guides do in their spare time, stop in at CMRCA. This staff is full of surprises.