China Guide Exchange Program – Ooan Part 1

It was the First time I travel outside of Thailand. I kind of nervous a little bit and excited at the same time. So i landed in Guilin and I looked from out side of the plane and I can all ready smell Chinese breath. Here look! I made it to China(I told myself).  Andrew and Add came to pick us up at the Airport and we took the bus to Yangshuo. First thing that caught my eyes was that there were no English sign in the bus and most of the place around. My Adventure has begun!

First day of my climbing trip here. We went climbing at White Mountain. This place is incredible and HUGE!!!!! We started warmup on “The Stone Dog 6a+” and I flashed ” Face Route 6b+” after I was trying my first project here “Stick Devil 7a+/b” twice but I failed…. We decided to return again the next day and after warmup I sent this route on my first goal this second day. Then I saw Add tried the route” Lucky Zone7b+” I gave my self a shot on the route and I fell over again and again at the crux. The first crux begin with two pockets fingers and small crimp for the left hand andthan bump up left hand again to the small side pull. From there i have a very long reach move for the right hand to a small crimp then i can have a little time to rest. The second crux is the big throw to the sloppy pinch. I was so closed to send it and we ran out of time. But I rig my way to the top. Eventually I sent it in a couple days after. Then we have been climbing to other famous crag around here like The Egg, Moon hill and Banyan Tree. I onsighted ” The Duck 6c, redpointed ” The New Decade 7a+/b” on second attempted, redpointed” Open Team 6C” second attempted, redpointed ” Apollo7a+” second attempted.

I have been living in Yangshuo almost two weeks now. It has been awesome so far. And I will stay here eat local food and learn Chinese language for another 4 weeks. I love this life that gives me the opportunity to travel and learn new things everyday. Thanks for reading.

To be continued…


ROCKSTAR (Suradet “Ooan” Kongsingh)