Progression Camp 2021 Re-Cap

Progression Adventures Summer Camp 2021 was the first of its kind in Chiang Mai. Students had the opportunity to join back to back week-long outdoor experiences that focused on a number of different themes that stretched their comfort zones, gave them newfound back country skills and enabled them to make new friends from a number of different schools.

The first week of camp began with our Outdoor Specialist Adventure, which included a variety of outdoor activities to get students started on their outdoor journey, such as introductions to climbing, caving and kayaking.  The following week was focused purely on climbing and caving skills, students learned about cave geology and how to survey cave systems, rappel down into a cavern as well as tying different knots.  The third week of our camps was all about Discovering Trekking and Navigation skills. Using a map and compass students had to find a bearing, measure elevation and trek through unfamiliar terrain to get to their respective check points.  Throughout their experience students learned different leadership models, how to properly setup camp, prepare and cook meals as well as packing techniques, determining what is needed and how as a group we can share the load.  Our final week of program was an opportunity for students to practice everything they learned in our Outdoor Expert Adventure.  Students focused on the skills necessary not only to survive but thrive in an outdoor environment.  This included learning about back country living skills such as building an emergency shelter, principles of wilderness first aid and basic life support systems. Groups had the opportunity to build a low ropes system that incorporated advanced rope tying techniques, using pulleys and a 3:1 mechanical advantage system.    

Although we had some hurdles due to Covid-19, students all learned a lot from each other and being in the outdoors engaging in challenging activities located in awe-inspiring locations. It was amazing to see that even during this difficult time, we still had the opportunity to go outside and climb, explore different caves, trek through the wilderness, kayak on pristine rivers and go camping. On the nights spent around the campfire, we reflected on and shared our experiences, what we saw, what could we do differently and how do apply the learnings back in our daily lives.  Students cooked and cleaned their campsite, and took bucket showers practicing the essential elements of Leaving No Trace.  Overall, the month long camp was a lot of fun for both our students and staff, staying safe during Covid-19 was our priority and thankfully we were still able to enjoy the activities throughout.  We want to thank our community for the amazing summer adventures and fulfilling our mission to encourage young people to Fuel Their Progression!

Check out the below image gallery to see more of our awesome camp programs.