“It Is Never Too Late to Start”

“I climbed and did my first caving and ascender use (Jumar) with Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures (CMRCA) in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I was led by a private CMRCA guide who attended to every possible safety issue with diligence.  He guided me to a great climbing experience and introduced me to caving.  The caving was my first such effort.  I rappelled and, at the end of the cave visit, ascended a 35 meter rope with no difficulty!

The experience was stunning and memorable.  We waded through above-knee water while moving from one room to another in the cave.  Crystalline deposits, spiders, worms, crickets, and bats enhanced the visit.

For those of you who are mature, the message from this 72 year old is: “it is never too late to start.”  Through the entire two-day experience, I felt confident that I was being led with utmost attention to my needs and safety.  This place is great and CMRCA makes it a great visit!”

Thanks Alan for reminding us that it’s never too late for a new adventure!  Climb on!

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