Our Prices are Climbing… Here’s Why!

Attention climbers, cavers and adventure enthusiasts! CMRCA is committed to providing the best adventure services in Asia and maintaining a commitment to sustainable practices in the development of Crazy Horse Buttress. In order to continue to provide quality services of an international standard, we will be increasing our prices at the end of 2015. We maintain the same commitment to community and a passion for adventure as we work together to continue developing climbing in Northern Thailand. We thank you for your continued support and partnership in building climbing in Thailand.

Please note: The Thai Authority of Tourism requires that CMRCA provide insurance for all users of our services. Therefore we will be increasing the price of climber transportation to fulfill the Thailand Authority of Tourism legal requirement. Beginning 01 December 2015, every time you use our climber transportation service, you will be covered for THB 500,000 in medical expenses and THB 3,000,000 for severe injuries and loss of life. This coverage applies to transportation to and from the climbing area as well as while you are climbing. The insurance lasts for 24 hours from the time you leave the office. We understand that this may be a slight inconvenience. We apreciate your willingess to support us and hope that the added benefit of insurance coverage will help you in your adventures.

We look forward to an incredible year of adventure with you . Thank you for your support and as always, Climb ON!