Return to Angkhang Underworld

Excited about caving?  With one month left of dry season, now is the perfect time to explore the amazing cave systems just outside Chiang Mai.  Sign up for a caving course with CMRCA today!

caving_expedition_april_2010-009In October 2009, a team of expert cavers organized by CMRCA explored Dead Robber Waterfall Cave, an epic adventure documented in this video.  It was the first known descent into the cave since the Thailand Karst Geological Survey of 1984.  At the end of that expedition, the team discovered a small side passageway that opened up into a huge cavern, leading deeper and deeper into the earth.  They were determined to returnand push the cave passage as far as possible.

On April 10, 2010, a CMRCA team returned to Dead Robber Waterfall Cave.  This time we knew exactly where to go: after a breathtaking 65 meter rappel into the main opening, we scrambled down to the entrance of the second massive chamber.  Descending rapidly, we followed a wide, beautiful river passage that led directly northwest, supporting local legends we had heard that the cave exited in Myanmar (Burma).  The riverway became much narrower and dropped more steeply.  Pooling our team resources, we continued to descend by passing our backpacks through small spaces and rigging a series of 10-15 meter rappels.  We finally reached the bottom of a waterfall where the stream disappeared into crawlspace barely one foot high.