Staff Train for Angkhang Descent

2012 03_24_cave_training_002745Last weekend, CMRCA staff ventured to Taktan Cave to experience “bad air” and train for upcoming caving adventures.  “Bad Air” is a heightened amount of carbon dioxide or low amount of oxygen that typically occurs in caves. Given the expansive karst environment of Northern Thailand, it was important for CMRCA staff to experience the physical effects, that include increased heart and breathing rate, dizziness, headaches and in some cases a loss of consciousness.

The training was part of the preparation for a caving expedition to Doi Angkhang.  CMRCA has been pushing the limit underground with exploration in this region since 2009. The goal of this expedition is to survey the existing cave system, find alternate entrances and discover linkages between other known cave systems and attempt to surpass the depths reached in past expeditions.  Do you think CMRCA has found the deepest explored cave in Thailand?  Stay tuned for updates.