Lampang Guided Multi-Pitch Adventure

Explore the stunning multi-pitch routes in Lampang with our experienced climbing team.

Take your climbing experience in Lampang to the next level with this full-day multi-pitch course.

Get ready for an exhilarating climbing weekend in Lampang, available from January 4th to 7th, 2024. If you can follow 6a or 6b already, this multi-pitch course is perfect for you. You can step outside of your comfort zone while remaining safe with our highly-skilled climbing team guiding you throughout the day. This course also includes a locally-prepared meal delivered to the crag, so you can be fueled for all your adventures.

What to expect

Multi-pitch rock climbing is perhaps the most exhilarating experience available to climbers. There is something special about the exposure one feels while hanging from the side of a cliff 60 meters above the ground and feeling totally comfortable.

This course will take you on a guided tour of the highest points of the crag. You will learn how to properly belay a lead climber and the basics of building anchors and rappelling from a route.

Though multi-pitch climbing is an amazing experience, there is risk involved and it is important to understand the risk factors and safety issues involved in the activity. In our multi-pitch courses, you will be introduced to the most essential climbing techniques. Skills discussed will include proper multi-pitch belaying, special multi-pitch safety concerns, fall factor, building safe anchors, minimum equipment needs, special and advanced climbing knots, falling on multi-pitch, catching falls on multi-pitch, setting up rappel anchors, rappelling, rappelling back-up systems, and equipment maintenance.

Multi-pitch routes in Lampang

Lampang is the most recently developed crag in Northern Thailand with more than 50 single-pitch routes and two multi-pitch routes. The first multi-pitch route is a a four-pitch 6a+ called “Through the Out Door.” The second route, Tan Por Bor (The Commander),” is a five-pitch 6b that is 120 meters tall. Enjoy the beautiful views and challenging routes during this exciting weekend in Lampang.


    A locally-prepared lunch delivered to the crag is included with this course. This price does not include transport.

    Is this the right course for me?

    To do this course, you need to be able to follow 6a or 6b. In addition, climbers must demonstrate a working knowledge of critical lead climbing skills including belaying, clipping, and climbing knots or have taken a lead climbing class before participating in a multi-pitch course. If you are not sure if you are ready for this course, please contact our sales staff for assistance in finding the correct course for you.

    This course is ideal for experienced climbers who have not yet done any multi-pitch climbing, or students who have progressed through top rope and lead climbing programs. This course may also be appropriate for very strong gym climbers who have not yet experienced high exposure in the outdoor setting.