Outdoor Gear Consignment Store

The CMRCA Outdoor Gear Consignment Store is simple.  If you have used gear in fairly good condition, bring it to CMRCA, set a price and we will promote it online and sell it in the store for you.  Once a month you get a bank transfer for the items you sold less a commission for the administration of the sale. You can sell anything as long as it is for an adventure pursuit: climbing, caving, trail running, cycling, hiking, camping, etc. The store is open every day and we will share regular posts online highlighting gear available in the store.

To sell your gear, visit our Registration Page and fill out the form. Agree to the Terms & Conditions. Then mail or drop your gear off at CMRCA and we will find a new home for your gear with someone who needs it all while you head out for your next adventure.CMRCA How It Works Consignment Store Process