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A Guide To Rock Climbing in Northern Thailand – It’s the guidebook for climbing in Northern Thailand and essential for your trip to Crazy Horse Buttress. Pick one up at the CMRCA shop!

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• 220 pages of the most recent updates to cragging in Northern Thailand

• New topos to 18 different sectors and more than 150 pitches of outstanding Thailand limestone

• Chiang Mai Guide and info about Thai culture and language

• Wisdom of those living in the area for more than 13 years


Climbing at Crazy Horse is an entertaining experience at any level. The rock tends towards the technically vertical and slightly overhanging with a few wildly steep routes thrown in because, hey, we are in Thailand.

Conscientiously bolted to be safe for a climber who is climbing their hardest at each grade, Crazy Horse allows a climber to really indulge in the technical aspect of the rock, never distracted by the fear of a dangerous fall. It is not unusual to find crimpy edges and juggy pockets with a few tufa pulls and a hand jam or two on any particular climb. The majority of routes fall into the French 6b range, but with 180 routes there are plenty at all grades.

Try the technical masterpiece Balance of Power (7a+) or the perplexing classic Reindeer Request (6a). For those who like climbing from tufa to tufa across the roof of a cave, try out what must be the most unlikely sport climb in the world: Anxiety State Crisis (7a, 2 pitches). ASC is a truly beautiful line, the kind that makes your jaw drop as you think “I need to climb that.”

We pride ourselves on having created one of the most safe, comfortable, fun, and user-friendly crags in the world. You will never forget your trip to Crazy Horse Buttress. 


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