Guided Adventures at Crazy Horse Returned in 2023

Rock climbing at Crazy Horse is back and better than ever.

This year, Crazy Horse reopened after an extended closure due to the pandemic. Since this opening, our Progression Vertical team has been busy getting back on the rock. Our team has dedicated over 3,000 hours to guiding clients at Crazy Horse in 2023.

Thanks to the increasing number of climbers at the crag, we have also been able to grow our team. Among many new hires, we welcomed back one of our senior guides, Ooan Kongsingh. Ooan’s involvement with Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures (CMRCA) started in 2007 when he was still a university student. After graduating, he worked with CMRCA until he moved to France in 2020, where he was climbing and working as a ropes access technician. This September 2023, Ooan returned home to the CMRCA and Progression family as a senior guide. His expertise helps our entire team learn and grow, so we can deliver high quality and safe adventure experiences.

As the winter season continues into January 2024, our strong and dedicated team is prepared to take you on your next adventure. If you’re interested in taking your rock climbing to the next level, join us for one of our courses at the crag. Our courses cater to all skill levels, whether you’re just starting out, transitioning from gym to outdoor climbing, or are an experienced climber looking to learn new skills.

Private Guiding

Single-Pitch Private Guiding– Design a personalized day of climbing at Crazy Horse Buttress that helps you achieve your single-pitch climbing goals.

Multi-Pitch Private Guiding– Elevate your climbing experience by going on a multi-pitch adventure with our guides.

Beginner Courses

Intro to Rock Climbing– Learn the basics of rock climbing while enjoying Northern Thailand’s premier crag.

Gym to Rock– Transition from climbing at the gym to climbing on real rock through this course designed for indoor climbers.

Top Rope Essential Skills– Master all the necessary skills to top rope climb outdoors. In this course, we introduce belaying, setting up anchors, and cleaning climbs.

Intermediate and Advanced Courses

Intro to Lead (Outdoor)– Conquer lead climbing outdoors with the help of our certified guides.

Multi-Pitch Self Rescue– Equip yourself to handle unexpected challenges when climbing multi-pitch routes.

Our expert guides are ready to take you on your next adventure, so all you have to do is choose a course!

Climbing and Caving Adventures

Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventure– Climb and rappel at Chiang Mai’s premier crag with this exhilarating adventure program.

Vertical Caving Adventure– Rappel into Chiang Mai’s ancient underworld to explore its stunning caverns and formations.