Water, Trash, Toilets

Help us keep Crazy Horse one of the most sustainable crags in the world.

One of the things that strikes most visitors to Crazy Horse is how clean it is. This isn’t by accident. Sustainability and care for the environment are part of our core values.

When visiting Crazy Horse please make sure you play your part in keeping Crazy Horse of the most sustainable crags in the world.

Drinking Water Philosophy

A few years ago, we continually found ourselves in the parking lot at the end of the day with a ridiculous number of empty plastic water bottles. Although climbers did a great job of bringing the bottles out with them, what we realized was that the average climber was purchasing up to 4 bottles of water each day.

On days with 30 climbers at the crag, we would find ourselves holding more than 100 empty plastic bottle. There had to be another way.

With our core value of Practice Sustainability in mind, we decided to provide free drinking water at the crag. Our intention is that climbers will bring a reusable water bottle and refill it throughout the day from the water tank.

Crazy Horse is not the only place you can/should minimize your use of plastic. Consider how many bottles you may purchase while traveling and help us limit that amount by looking out for the blue water dispensing machines located throughout the city.

Refilling from the dispensing machines can cost as little as 0.5 Baht/liter. As climbers we are meant to set the example as environmental stewards.

Please help us show others how it can be done.


Trash @ Crazy Horse

“Climbers don’t leave trash, climbers clean up after themselves.”

We hope to one day be able to say this for all climbers. It is all of our responsibility to keep Crazy Horse clean every day of the year. We encourage you to PACK OUT MORE THAN WHAT YOU PACK IN! This means that sometimes we have to look after those who can’t or won’t look after themselves.

Picking up trash when we see it should be a behavior we all practice, no matter where we are. While there is a trash can in the Crazy Horse parking lot, there is no trash collection service.

Please pack out your own trash and dispose of it later. Your cigarette butts take YEARS to decompose.

Crazy Horse has the good fortune of having an incredible climbing community committed to keeping it clean. The annual Crag Clean Up Day (usually in December) sees sometimes 70+ climbers from all over the world who make a group effort to clean up whatever trash has slipped through the cracks throughout the year.

It is an incredible effort and we would greatly appreciate your help if you are in town during the clean up.


Toilets @ Crazy Horse

There are three western style toilets in the main car park area. It is recommended you bring your own toilet paper. Please make an effort to use these facilities if you have to go to the bathroom. Please also try to keep the toilets clean.  If you make a mess, clean it up!

First time using a “Bum Gun?!”  No fear!  They will leave you feeling cleaner than ever and debating whether or not to have one installed in your own home.  Just give yourself a quick spray down after you do your business.  Then pat dry with toilet paper and dispose in the waste bin. PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH YOUR TOILET PAPER! It is preferred if you can pack this out.

When you can’t make it to the toilet, the jungle is available. Please make every effort to get far away from the climbing areas. Dig a hole, burn the paper, and then cover the hole. It’s that simple! PLEASE DO NOT PEE NEAR BELAYS!

We appreciate your effort and cooperation in keeping Crazy Horse clean and sustainable. Please feel free to contact CMRCA with any questions or information about how we’re involved in “redefining sustainable tourism in Asia.”