New Caving Video!

Chronicles of last month’s caving expedition: Bugs, bats, bolts, teamwork, vistas, squeezes, local flavor, and a seriously big cave.  We Live Adventure!  Cave on! Crazy Caving Adventures in Thailand from…

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Notes from Sui Tang Caving Expedition

April in Thailand: Hot. Dry. Not Songkran until the 13th.  Sound boring?  It sure would be, except that it’s also caving season. As per annual tradition, CMRCA seized the moment…

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CMRCA is Underground

Somewhere up north, the CMRCA team is underground, searching for the deepest cave in Thailand. Josh, Taw, Phi, Ooan, EQ, and Nali spent the past two days following streams into…

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Guides Prepare for AMGA Instructor Course

CMRCA Core Value Number Seven: ????????, gaan pát-tá-naa, training and development.  Over the next two weeks the CMRCA instructor team will be extending our commitment to this value by taking part in…

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