Climbing Caving Top

Rock climb in Northern Thailand’s scenic beauty, unwind in hot springs, visit holy caves, enjoy local cuisine and spend unforgettable times with us. Size up for a course… I’m a…

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Climbing Community Dreambuilding

Announcing a special community event this Saturday, July 30! As some of you know, C Cubed members Gaston and Laurence work for a NGO called the Constellation ( They are…

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Mae On Rocket Festival

28 June 2011 Each June the local village community of Mae on hosts a Bang Fai (Rocket Festival). Large rockets are constructed out of full lengths of bamboo and black…

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What’s for Lunch?

24 May 2011 There’s nothing like a well-deserved lunch break in the middle of the climbing day. It’s a time to rest, hydrate, chat and of course —chow down. But…

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